Feedbacks from the workshop in Puerto Natales, 23 April 2019

Notes from Claudio Aguayo

Risk Factors in Patagonia

  • The wind is the worst
  • Cold
  • Rivers growing
  • Stone avalanche when snow melting
  • Bad weather
  • Patagonia is low altitude but a cause of weather we get bad conditions similar to high altitude
  • Patagonia in the last 20 years 3 climbers killed due to rock falls
  • Atacama desert is good for high altitude
  • Most people here climb inside PNTP. If more people were to climb other spots in Patagonia, maybe avalanche risks will be more prominent and common
  • In Chile, Volcán Osorno is the spot with most deaths, and it’s only 2800m and there’s been like 35 deads in the past 20 yrs
  • In Patagonia there’s no rescue team, no helicopter.. Rescue in the park works as a community of friends, WhatsApp group of 30-40 climbers and support between each other
  • In Chile GOPE (Police) takes control of accidents and they even stop local climbers assisting that can be better prepared
  • 50 local climbers in Natales at different levels

Patagonia app needs

  • To have one app for checking all weather conditions. Currently, we have to check like 10 different apps to have an understanding of the weather forecast
  • App to work as an online community where the local community can be in touch and everyone knows who is climbing and what are the latest risks
  • App to work online and offline

Jin VR App idea

  • Training: Basic things to know when going to a high mountain environment
  • Feedback: If an app had a key local info in VR, that would be amazing!

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